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Favorite Styles for Fall

By on November 5, 2018





top//jeans//booties//scarf (similar)

Fall is by far my all time favorite season to get dressed (probably because I live in Florida and even in Winter it feels like Fall). Anyways, I really love Fall because the weather starts to drop and it is still warm enough to wear certain clothes without freezing your bottom off. My personal favorites are sweater dresses, over the knee boots, and CARDIGANS!

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Staying Healthy in the Fall

By on September 5, 2018


That time of year is getting near where the weather gets a bit chillier, the clothes get a little more loose and that sweet tooth goes crazy with all the treats surrounding us. Believe me I get it, it is freaking hard to stay healthy in the Fall and Winter. We are surrounded by deliciousness and the gloomy cold weather makes laying in bed sound a whole lot better than going to the gym. & I know it seems insane that we go all Spring and Summer getting our health and fitness on only to have it ruined the minute Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas approach. But YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THAT THIS YEAR!! 

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Styled with FashionPass

By on September 3, 2018



top // jeans // heels // sunnies // handbag

I recently discovered my new FAVORITE company, FashionPass. For those of you who may not know, FashionPass is an online shop that allows you to rent different clothing and accessories as many times a month as your heart desires. It is perfect for those who have different events and don’t want to buy an entire outfit when you know you’re only going to wear one time and its great for curious gals who would love to try a new trend but are too afraid to totally commit in case it is a total bust!

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