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How LadyBossBlogger Helped Me Grow My Blog

June 14, 2020

Hey y’all! 


So I know one of my goals for 2020 was to focus A LOT more on my blog and building my brand (because tbh that’s how ya make a living as a blogger) and per usual I hit a roadblock and just didn’t know where to begin. When it comes to social media I am on my A-game with creating and posting day to day content but for some reason when it comes to actually making a business and $$ out of it I fall short.

I have great ideas and content to share but I just did not know where to even begin when it came to reaching out to brands on my own and knowing exactly how to nail a really great brand deal! Yeah of course I have worked with brands in the past but 90% of those brands reached out to me and they have been very spread out in the last year and a half since all of this began.


When I got into blogging I thought of it as a fun hobby but when I started getting brand deals and getting paid for them I soon realized that maybe this could be a full-time gig for me. Although that is the dream, I really needed to get me booty in gear and start focusing more on my brand and reaching out to companies that I could potentially work with. When I realized this I also realized I didn’t really know where to start or exactly how to go about all of this!

So just as the universe likes to work its magic. Right when I realized what I had been lacking and honestly didn’t know where I should even begin, I got an email from LadyBossBlogger. She had sent me information about her online courses that she offers. One in particular stood out to me the most, “Make Money As An Influencer“! Well yeah that was exactly what I was looking for. 


A course that would give me all the information I was looking for. With lectures and tons of information regarding this exact topic. Of course I had to jump right on that. What I needed now more than ever was guidance. Although I have been consistently blogging for almost 2 years now, I needed this course to help get me out of my mental roadblock and teach me the skills I would need to turn this hobby of mine into a money-making business!

So I started the “Make Money As An Influencer” course and have been doing it a few times a week for a couple of weeks now. I am obsessed with how much new information I have learned from this course. When I first started out I thought “Well I probably know most of this because I have been blogging for a while…” but man oh man was I wrong. There is so much more to blogging and really being able to make money and a business out of blogging than I thought.


So far I have learned just how important it is to build your brand and exactly how to reach out to brands and more importantly what brands you should even be reaching out to in the first place. This course doesn’t just talk about how to make money as an influencer but more so how to beat the algorithm while helping give information on how to stand out from the tens of millions of other bloggers and influencers out there today. 

This course is divided up into 7 different sections. Making it very easy to follow along and stop and start right back where you left off.

  • Introduction
  • Branding
  • Content
  • Pitching
  • Brands
  • Money
  • Legal

Along with all of this there is even a bonus section filled with tons of amazing materials such as a sponsored post checklist (so important to have) and even a list of 50+ brands that are currently looking for brand ambassadors and potential collaboration deals. 

LadyBossBlogger also has additional resources which I definitely plan on trying a few of these out such as:


The entire course is extremely easy to navigate through and complete. I love that it is set up in detailed sections and tells you exactly where you left off. Which is great for me and my busy schedule because I can read a few sections a night and save the rest for the next day. I also love the fact that I can go back at any time and reread a section if I need to. I can’t wait to start using what I have learned so far and continue to share my experience with all of you!



If you have made it all the way down here get excited because I have teamed up with LadyBossBlogger to gift one of you a course of your choosing!!

Enter the giveaway on Instagram:

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And that’s it 🙂

But if you have been wondering exactly HOW to start making money as an influencer or even WHERE to begin, this course is for YOU


Click here and start your course TODAY! Be sure to use code “STEPHANIEMARIE” to get 40% off your purchase of ANY LadyBossBlogger course. 

There are also payment plans available, so you can pay in 6 months, 2 months, or in full! My code works with any of these plans as well. 

So excited to continue this course and share even more with you all in a few weeks! Hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

xo Steph

Links contain affiliate links. A big thank you to LadyBossBlogger & Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post!

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