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Tips for Keeping Busy & Staying Sane

March 20, 2020

Hi All!


Happy to be back on here because I know it has been a hot minute. With everything going on in the world I thought now would be the best time to really sit down and start giving my blog the attention it needs (I mean there isn’t much else to do right now). With that being said I wanted to share some tips with all of you on how to keep yourself not only busy but sane while we stay in and make the best of everything going on.

Tip 1: Exercise

I know it seems silly but it is seriously one of the best ways to help relieve stress and put you in an overall good mood. Being home all day with nothing can do will not only make you go stir crazy but it also isn’t the best for your body. Even though gyms aren’t open it doesn’t mean you cant workout. Some of my BEST workouts happen from the comfort of my own home. I use household objects and free weights that I have purchased from places like Amazon and Target to make this possible. I love using some sort of fitness app to help get me through a workout too. I feel like it really pushes you to do well if you have something to hold you accountable. With that being said some of my all time favorite workout apps are SWEAT and The Sculpt Society. They both cost a little bit of $$ each month but honestly it is so worth it and if you’re not currently paying for a gym you might as well give it a shot!

Tip 2: Get Organized

I seriously complain about this all the time because I wish there were more hours in a day to do things like this. But hey now there is plenty of time to start organizing all those things you wish you had more time to do. I personally have been wanting to clean out and reorganize my closet and having all this extra time on my hands is the perfect time to really get down to business and accomplish that. It doesn’t even have to be your closet it can literally be anything that has been getting a little cray cray and you wish you had more time to fix it up. It may be annoying at first but it is going to be so worth it when its complete!

Tip 3: Read a Book

Let’s be real I am sure I am not the only one who wishes I had more time to read. With all this extra free time on our hands why not use it to read that new book you’ve been wanting to read. I know I have a list of books I have been wanting to read and I am super excited to have this extra time to start reading more again!

Tip 4: Get Healthy

I know that sounds odd with everything going on but busy schedules can make eating healthy a challenge. I am the first to admit when I am exhausted from a long day the last thing I want to do it slave over an oven and cook something good for me. So I will end up getting take out or heating up a sodium packed frozen meal. With this extra time and working from home you can finally start having the time you’ve always dreamed of to enjoy healthy and delicious meals. You can even eat on a schedule because you’re going to be home! I personally think it is a win win and a perfect way to get you into a routine so it wont be so hard to continue after all of this.

Tip 5: Binge some Good Ole TV

I can tell you right now I never find the time to watch a series because I am constantly trying to balance work/blogging/gym/life/etc. Now with being home I can finally start those series I have been wanting to watch. To be honest I still probably wont get through a whole season (cause I am just not a huge tv person) but if you are I say DO IT! What better time than now.

Tip 6: Start a New Hobby

Of course I mean something you can do in the comfort of your home. I love to be crafty when I can so I definitely plan to use this time to try out some new things. Paint, make jewelry, dance, make scarves, bake. There are endless possibilities and so much time to do them!

Tip 7: Go for a Walk/Hike 

Of course it is important to social distance right now but that doesn’t mean you cant go for a walk around your neighborhood or park or even go for a hike (if you can). It is so important to get fresh air and not be completely stuck inside. I plan to incorporate some walking into my daily routine!

Tip 8: Keep a Routine

Going off of that last sentence above it is SO important that when working from home or just being stuck at home you still have a schedule. It will help you out more than you think. If I didn’t have a schedule I would end up being SUPER lazy and probably VERY unhealthy. Staying on a schedule is not only beneficial for your well being but also will make it much easier when it is time to go back to work.

Tip 9: Pamper Yo’Self

Who said you had to go to the spa to get pampered, you can do it from the comfort of your home! I love me a good at home spa day. Put on some tranquil music, bust open a bottle of wine, apply a good face mask/hair treatment/lip mask/etc and relaxxxx. During a time like now it is so important to do some self care and relax. I know I will for sure be having one of these quite soon!

Tip 10: Try NOT to Stress and Have a Good Laugh

I know it is much easier said than done but now more than ever we need to try our best to take a deep breath and relax. Do what you need to do to be safe and healthy during this time but try not to worry or stress out because it wont help anything or anyone. If you need to watch a funny movie, read some funny memes, talk to a funny friend, just have a GOOD laugh because that is what we need during all of this. Some laughter and love. We will get through this and we will be stronger than ever! I know this is a tough and scary time with so much uncertainty but please try to stay positive and be kind! I am sending lots of virtual hugs and lots of love to all of you!

xo Steph

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