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My Experience with David’s Bridal

January 27, 2020


Hey loves! I am so excited to share this blog with all of you because it is a pretty exciting one. I was lucky enough to partner with David’s Bridal and try on some beautiful Bridesmaid and wedding guest dresses. I thought this would be a GREAT post to share because I am sure there are lots of you out there getting ready to either be in a wedding or attend one and I wanted to share how easy and fun it is to find the perfect dress for the occasion from David’s Bridal.


Let me just start by saying David’s Bridal has over 70 years of experience with dressing women for ALL types of occasions and there are TONS of David’s Bridal locations around the world. So chances are there is probably one pretty close to you. Besides the fact that you will more than likely find a David’s Bridal near you, the experience I had there looking for the perfect dress for my best friend’s wedding was absolutely AMAZING! The stylists are all so kind and helpful and really make you feel so comfortable while you are there. I know that dress shopping can sometimes be stressful and sometimes even intimidating and I did not feel either of those things while I was at David’s Bridal.

When I first walked in I was greeted and checked in with my stylist. She would be helping me find the perfect dress. She led me over to rows and rows of gorgeous bridesmaid dresses. There were so many different styles and colors to choose from. My stylist asked me what styles I preferred and that’s what helped make the process go even smoother. I was able to find 8 different dresses that were all styles I absolutely loved. It was honestly really hard picking just one because I felt like every single one I tried on looked so pretty!


After trying on all the dresses I had picked out and then trying them on just a few more times (hehe), I was able to finally make my decision and decided to go with this beauty below…


It was not only flattering on, but it was also incredibly comfortable too (which is important when you like to have a good time at a wedding). I also was so impressed with how affordable this and all the dresses I had tried on were. For such amazing quality and style, I was so excited to know I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to still look and feel my best!

Once my decision was final, my stylist had me try on a few more dresses in order to get the exact size I would need. Once the size was decided it was time to order the dress. Lucky for me, David’s Bridal has so many color options for each dress you are sure to find the exact one you want.

I was also able to sneak a peek at all the amazing shoes and accessories they had. They even had a section with the most perfect little gifts for the bride to be!

The entire process from choosing different styles to try, to trying them on, to finding the right size and color only took about an hour. Which in my opinion is record timing for dress shopping! Especially when your experience is not only stress free but really enjoyable. I laughed and smiled the entire time I was there. My stylist was such a huge help with everything, especially since this was my first time doing all of this. I went in thinking everything would be so overwhelming and it wasn’t in the slightest! I 110% recommend going to David’s Bridal if you are in the market for bridesmaid dresses or even a wedding guest dress because from the selection to the service, they truly are AMAZING!

xo Steph

*This blog post was in partnership with David’s Bridal

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