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Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October 27, 2019


I know I am not the only person who is not a fan of going out and buying an unnecessarily expensive Halloween costume that you are literally only going to wear ONE TIME… That is why I have always been a HUGE fan of DIY costumes. Especially ones that are not only easy to make but super affordable.

I think the last time I actually bought a legit Halloween costume was when I was in 5th grade. Every year since then it has been DIY all the way. I have been everything from a pirate to an Indian to even a food item (yeah that one wasn’t so great… ) but seriously I have made A LOT of costumes. Especially in college when every single day of the Halloween weekend was a different Halloween party or event to go to. & of course I just needed to have a different costume for each one… Literally one year I wore 5 different costumes in a 2 week period haha. So yeah I have more than enough easy, affordable and super cute Halloween costume ideas that I am ready to share for the Halloween season.

I am going to share my “Top 10” all time favorite DIY costumes and I will try my best to find decent photos for each of them. Bare with me when it comes to the photos because most of them were taken many many years ago before blogging was a thing for me and when iPhone cameras were pretty crappy haha.

I will make sure to link any pieces and accessories I can find for the costumes as well. My go-to places to shop for cheap costume pieces have always been Goodwill, the DollarTree, Amazon, Party City (for certain things) and of course Target/Walmart. Alright now on to the costumes.

Number 10: Any Animal Ever…

The most basic costume ever created. If you’re in a pickle and need a last minute super easy Halloween costume. Grab yourself a pair of animal ears, some solid colored clothes, and some makeup. My all time favorite animal to be is a cat. Easy peasy because all you really need is a black shirt some black pants/leggings a tail and some ears (which you can find just about anywhere). I got a pair from Target years ago and they are still my go to ears if I ever need a quick simple costume. Oh and don’t forget to use black eyeliner to make some whiskers and a cute nose!

Number 9 & 8: Prisoner or Cop (works great as a couples costume too)


One year my friend and I desperately wanted to be a partner costume so we decided cops and robbers would be easy to recreate and honestly it was. My friend was the cop and I was the robber. We both basically used the same type of dress (different colors of course) and some different accessories. My friend found a navy blue dress (from H&M was under $10), some handcuffs, a fake gun and belt to put it in, a badge and hat. I found the exact same style dress for under $10 except mine was black and white stripes. I then paired it with some handcuffs, a sign that said prisoner on it, and some extra accessories I found at the party store. Super easy and fun to recreate.

Number 7: Army Chick


One of my personal favorites for some reason. Probably because I got to wear combat boots and it was beyond comfortable haha. So super easy outfit. Literally all you need in a camo tee (which everywhere and their mother has them right now) some black shorts, combat boots, knitted stockings (that you will distress by cutting some holes throughout them) and a bandana and some dog tags. You can also carry around a fake gun too but probably wouldn’t recommend if you’re going out and about. Sooo easy and super cute too.

Number 6: Risky Business


If you have a white button down shirt, knee high white socks and some RayBans then you’re set for this costume. The night I wore this costume was literally so last minute and my roommates and I all decided a few hours before that we were going to go out for Halloween. It just so happened that we all had a white button down and we made it work. Easiest costume and not to mention the comfiest too. I had so much fun that night that my camera got lost and broke in the bar we were in… some other crazy wild college type stuff happened too that night but we will save all that for another day haha.

Number 5: Cowgirl


Another seriously easy costume to create. If you have some high waisted denim shorts and a plaid button down you can definitely create this for little to no money. Aside from the clothing I just mentioned all you really need is a cowgirl hat and some boots and you got yourself an easy as can be Halloween costume. Surprisingly enough I was never a cowgirl for Halloween but I was one for a random work event in college so theres that.

Number 4: 80’s Workout Chick


This was also a fun outfit to make. Mostly because I just love everything 80’s. But super easy to do. All you need are some high waisted yoga shorts (the more colorful the better), a cropped off the shoulder top or sweater, neon colored sports bra, leg warmers, a headband and any fun accessories and jewelry. For this costume I also added a prop that I bought at Walmart for super cheap. Super easy to make though and all of the accessories can be purchased for cheap on amazon or a party store.

Number 3: A Pirate


So yes this was also one of my favorite costumes and I had so much fun putting this together. I was lucky because I already had a white and black stripped top and I had high waisted black shorts. I also already had some awesome black booties that were PERFECT sexy pirate boots (definitely going to try to find some similar ones). So really all I needed were some accessories. I went ahead and got some black knee high socks to wear, an eyepatch, a red piece of fabric that I used as a bandana and some big gold hoops. Oh and of course I got a sword and some rum because whats a pirate without those things. So yeah this costume was a blast and I really loved the way it turned out.

Number 2: A Zombie

Okay so I know I keep saying that all of these costumes were my favorites but they really were because for how little time I had to come up with them they always seemed to turn out great. So anyways back to the Zombie. So being a Zombie was a lot of fun mostly because I got to do some bada$$ gory costume makeup that I learned how to do in high school. So that was pretty awesome on its on. But it was also easy to do because you literally just needed to do the makeup part and tear up some old clothes and you were golden. I actually was a Zombie for 3 different Halloweens and every year the costume got better and better. Actually considering doing it again this year just to pass out candy because it is so fun to create. Would highly recommend if you want something easy that still looks cool and is realllllly cheap.

Number 1: An Indian

Last but not least and not necessarily a DIY but it can be and I will link and share how is the Indian costume. So I have been an Indian twice. Once was DIY and the other time it was not but they both were very similar. For the DIY if you cant find clothes that resemble what an Indian would wear you can always make it by going to your local craft store and getting some brown fabric, beads, and feathers. I will link some easy pieces that can either be bought or made too. But I think an Indian costume is always a good idea. Mostly because they look so amazing when you’re all finished and you get to wear sandals or moccasins as shoes and who doesn’t wanna wear that all night long… clearly I am all about comfort here. The costume I have below is one my boyfriends mom let us borrow that she actually got for free from a work friend. It was for a last minute Halloween party (literally found out hours before) so it worked out SOOO perfectly!

But those are all the costumes I have to share that I have created in the past. There are of course tons more that can easily be recreated but these are just my top 10 picks from past Halloweens. Hope you enjoyed and if you choose to use one let me know in the comments below!

Happy Spooky Season

xo Steph

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