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My Experience With Luxury Scent Box

September 8, 2019

Hi All!


I know it has been a HOT minute since I have done a review kind of post or just a post in general… Life happens sometimes and August was one of the busiest months for me. However, I am super excited to share an AMAZING subscription company that I have recently discovered. The company is called Luxury Scent Box and they are a monthly subscription service that specializes in fragrances for both women and men. It is actually a really cool concept and something I personally enjoy because I love to try out new perfumes and I also love that I don’t have to commit to a large bottle of one that I might not like.

Basically how this subscription service works is SUPER EASY. To start you first have to pick your plan which is either $15 a month or $18 a month for their “premium” service. With that you can choose from hundreds of designer fragrances and Luxury Scent Box will then put together your subscription box of your chosen scents. They come in the cutest little 8l bottles that are PERFECT for your purse and especially travel.


When you run out you can just pull out the bottle from its case and get a new one to replace it. If there is a scent you are really loving you can continue refilling it or if you’re like myself and like to try new scents than you can always change it up and get new scents! You also never have to worry about committing to the subscription for more than a month (which I love) because some services make it so difficult to cancel. However, this is definitely a service that I will be using for a while because it is so much more cost efficient and also fun to try out new fragrances that are easily shipped straight to my door!

This subscription service also has plenty of fragrances for men to choose from too. & with the holiday season quickly approaching it makes for a GREAT gift as well. So if you are looking to try out Luxury Scent Box and it is your first time using their subscription service you can use my code “KALEANDKARDIGANS” & get your very first fragrance box for only $9.75!


Can’t beat that… Especially with how expensive just a designer travel size bottle of perfume is! If you do try it out definitely let me know how you like it in the comments. & let me know what your favorite fragrances are because I love being able to try new ones out!

xo Steph

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