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Amazon Prime Day (what it is & all the goods to shop)

July 14, 2019


Starting to think that July might be my favorite month just because of all the amazing sales that happen during it… haha no but really as I am writing this I just finished up a post about the Nordstrom anniversary sale and now I get to share everything there is to know about Amazon’s big sale day. Amazon Prime Day!

For those of you that are not familiar with Amazon… yeah I don’t even know how someone couldn’t be familiar with it but anyways its basically a huge online retailer that has incredible deals on literally anything and everything but for incredible prices and if you’re a Prime member (I will get into that in just a moment) you get those items in 2 days & with FREE shipping!

So basically Prime is the way to go on Amazon. Literally almost everything is Prime on Amazon and what it means is that you can buy an item and it will ship and get to you in 2 short days and with free shipping. Pretty much a win freaking win if you ask me. & also a last minute life saver (it has saved my booty many times with its free 2-day shipping). But on this one day (well 2 days) out of the year, Amazon takes a ton of its already amazing products that are prime and discounts them even more! So it is safe to say there are some REAL GOOD DEALS! & if you havent already figured it out I will be sharing a ton of the great deals on this blog post. Down below I will have EVERYTHING I think is worth it and am either buying or would love to buy. I will also try to categorize it as much as possible to make it easiest to shop. Everything will of course be linked as well!


But before I even get to posting those things you gotta make sure you are a Prime member or else this whole sale will not even be worth your while. If you are a member then woohoo for you just sit back and wait for the sale to start. However, if you are not a member you’re gunna wanna do that ASAP if you plan on shopping the sales. It is super easy to become a Prime member. I will even leave the link here to make it super simple for you to get. Now it can get a little pricey to be a Prime member but it is just a once a year fee and if you are a shopper and love good, easy, fast deals then it is 110% worth every penny. However, if you are brand spankin new to Prime you can actually get your first 30 days completely FREE! So definitely take advantage of that so that you can shop the deals. But just to let everyone else curious about how much it cost it is $119 per year for a regular Prime membership & $59 per year if you are a student.

So if you’re ready to shop some amazing deals stay tuned to this blog for everything I plan to share! & don’t forget the sale is just 2 days long, July 15th & 16th!

Can’t wait to share all the goodies with you all & shop till I drop… or tehincally can’t look at a computer screen any longer… haha

Here are a few Prime Day Launch Items. I will be adding more to this blog when Prime Day officially begins.


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