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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 12, 2019


Hi guys! Welcome back if you have been following along with the anniversary sale & if you have not well just welcome to it. The day has finally come where you can actually shop the sale in-stores & online if you’re a card holder! With that being said I have been doing all the shopping I can do since Wednesday. That way I can bring you all the best things I could find from the Nsale. I will say I definitely did not go over board (even though I went to two different Nordstrom locations & shopped online) but I did get some really great staple pieces & shoes that I can wear multiple times this year! Below I am sharing exactly how I styled my favorite pieces from the sale & I will have links to everything I am wearing in each photo. I will also be leaving some more sale items below my try-on of pieces. These are things I either ordered online or are “wish list” type items that I would love to have but I just do not need to spend my money on right now.

This sale always has some great staple pieces for the upcoming seasons but it also has pieces that I do not need & will mostly never wear or use so I really try to buy things that I can get the most out of and wear more than once! I stick to my budget and I do not just buy to buy. By no means do you need to break the bank for this sale! Like I said there are some great deals and amazing pieces but nothing to put yourself in debt for. I did not go crazy this year because a lot of the pieces I would’ve bought I already had something similar from the Nsale last year. So I will definitely share those pieces with you all as well! My absolute FAVORITE part of the sale this year was the shoe selection! Holy cannoli there were some amazing ones & that was where I really did some work haha. But I did manage to buy a little bit of everything so I could have variety throughout the year as well. Honestly though if there is one thing to take a look at it is for sure the shoes! Other than that I think thats everything I wanted to say so without further ado lets get this show on the road with the much anticipated Nsale try-on!









[dress/similar sweater/similar heels]


[cardigan/cami/similar leggings/mules]


[cardigan/similar boots]


[dress/similar boots]



Here are a few more outfits I tried on in the store but sadly they did not make it home with me (remeber guys only get what you NEED or REALLY REALLY REALLLLY WANT)












[cropped sweater]










[pj set]

Some more things from the sale that I either got online or would love to have but don’t have the $$ for…


Athletic Wear





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