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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : Everything You Need To Know

July 9, 2019


Hi lovelies! I am super excited to share this post today because it is the most wonderful time of the year! Well the second most wonderful time of the year because it basically feels like Christmas & it also happens to be in July 😉 it’s the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!!!! For those of you who are not familiar with the sale, it is first and foremost one of my FAVORITE sales to shop. I wait all year long for this amazing sale and I get so excited when we enter July because I know that means the sale is right around the corner.

With that being said let me actually tell you some information about the sale. So obviously if you haven’t figured it out yet it is a sale that begins in July and it is for Nordstrom. Okay easy stuff out of the way now lets really get into it. So basically the Nordstrom anniversary sale is a huge deal because Nordstrom has BRAND NEW clothing pieces and items that are on major sale. All of the pieces are basically pre-Fall items. So it is great because you are getting new season stuff, not something that is already outdated, which is why I love this sale so much. It is a perfect time to get ready for the season ahead, especially if you are in the market for nice coats, jackets and/or boots that are a great price. I love to get closet staples and accessories as well as some home decor during this sale. I am alawys able to find a good pair of boots and heels, some really cute basics, amazing jeans & some cozies too! It is just such a great sale and if you have never shopped it before I wold definitely consider it this year!


With all that being said lets get into how to actually shop this sale. So the Nordstrom sale is really interesting because although it starts in July it goes for a while and it is split up into different parts. What I mean by that is they have early access and then regular/public access. In order to shop early access (which you will want to do) you do need to have a Nordstrom credit card. I know not many people are in to opening credit cards but lemme just tell you if you want to get in on the good deals ya kinda need one for this sale. Since this sale is such a huge deal and has so many great deals, a lot of the top items go quick and once they sell out they sometimes don’t get restocks. That is why it is really vital to be able to shop during the early access week because by the time the sale goes live to the public most of the items are already long gone… I learned that the hard way the first time I shopped this sale 3 years ago. But if you do want the early access and don’t mind opening a credit card then I will leave a link below that will take you directly to that. Also it doesn’t hurt that right now when you open a Nordstrom credit card they will give you a $60 Nordstrom note that can actually be used towards the sale. So basically free money! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!


Click Here to Apply for a Nordstrom Card

Now that you know some more about the sale and how to shop it lemme tell ya all the dates of when this bad boy begins…

Icon Pre-Shop in Stores – Tuesday, July 9th

Icon & Ambassador Pre-Shop in Stores – Wednesday, July 10th (when I will be shopping) & Thursday, July 11th

Early Access for Nordstrom Cardmembers – Friday, July 12th – Thursday, July 18th

Anniversary Sale Open to the Public – Friday, July 19th – Sunday, August 4th

32C824A4-5412-4F3E-BF5E-65266425578E.jpegAlong with all this information above I will also be sharing everything I am shopping at the sale and some items that I think are amazing deals and I am either getting or would love to get. I will be sharing all the links on here or on a separate blog post (haven’t decided yet) as well as try on shots and a try on haul over on my Instagram the day I shop the sale. Although a lot of the items are in stores there are still PLENTY that are not so that is why I will have lots of links to items that I can’t try on because I already know I will be buying plenty online too.

Just make sure to come back to this page when the sale begins so that you can get a first look at everything I am sharing and that way you can easily shop it before it sells out!

Can’t wait for it to begin and in the meantime leave any recommendations or things you would like me to share from the sale so I can make sure to look for those during the sale.

Happy shopping & hope you all enjoy it!

Oh and in the meantime here are a few of sneak peaks that I am super excited for 😍🛍

xo Steph

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