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Salt Therapy Experience

March 20, 2019

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

So this post is going to be a little different than my normal blog posts. If you follow me on an Instagram then you probably already know that I recently started going to a local salt room for salt therapy sessions. I put out a poll on instagram stories about a week ago asking if anyone would like me to share my experience with salt therapy, the vote was unanimous with almost everyone saying YES! So here we are and I am ready to share my thoughts before and after trying out salt therapy for a two weeks.


For those of you that are not familiar with what salt therapy exactly is here is some information taken right off the website of the place I have been going to…

[The amazing benefits of salt therapy (also known as ‘halotherapy’) first came to light in the mid-1800s when, Felix Bochkovsky, a health official in Poland made the observation that salt mine workers rarely suffered from any colds, respiratory ailments or lung diseases. Bochkovsky attributes this to the salt aerosol being inhaled on a daily basis.

People with asthma, allergies, emphysema and other respiratory problems began heading to the salt mines, and speleotherapy (salt cave therapy) was born. Furthermore, the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the dry sodium chloride aerosol help in treating ear infections and certain skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. Although salt therapy is new to the U.S., it is frequently used in many countries of Eastern Europe.

Today, modern technology allows us to bring the benefits of a salt mine to you. Salt therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free, chemical-free, all natural solution.]

So as you can see there are many benefits to this all natural solution. Now lets get into my experience. First things first I want you all to know that this is in NO WAY SPONSORED! This is how I really feel about salt therapy and how I have seen a difference in my overall health from it.

I decided about 3 weeks ago to give salt therapy a try after I had literally been battling a sinus infection for almost a month. I am a huge believer in natural remedies and medicine to get better so I was not about to take antibiotics. After trying many and I mean many natural solutions and nothing seemed to work I decided to give salt therapy a go. I went two days in a row for one 45 minute session each and literally felt amazing after those two sessions. During the sessions I could feel my sinuses draining out and literally had to blow my nose about a million times those nights just to get everything out of me. Not only did it help my sinus infection almost completely go away in a matter of 48 hours but it also helped my allergies and sinus issues that I continue to deal with regardless of the terrible sinus infection I had.


The whole process is extremely relaxing and completely pain free! You go in a small salt filled room that have reclining, comfy beach like chairs and headphones for you to sit and relax in. Then for 45 minutes you close your eyes and relax. While sitting in the chair you can feel you sinuses completely open up in a matter of minutes.

I decided to go a few more times and even brought my dad for a session which he said he really enjoyed as well. & let me just say the man is a tough critique so if he liked it it must be good hah! Overall the experience was a great one and something I plan to continue doing every month. They say you can go as many times as you would like a month and you can definitely do that depending on the type of plan you do. For now I have a 4 pass plan that allows me to go 4 times a month which I have decided to break up and do once a week. Or more if I start to feel like my allergies are acting up or like I might be coming down with something.

You are not allowed to go in the room if you are sick, however, if you are feeling like you might be coming down with something then that is the perfect time to go because the earlier you catch it the quicker you can kick it out of your system.

This is definitely going to be my new go to and I hope you try it out for yourself and see all the amazing benefits there are. I know there are tons of salt rooms popping up all over the country and a lot of them offer half off or discounted sessions for your first time. So you can try it out for a cheaper price before completely committing to it.


I hope this was a helpful read and I know I did not touch on everything but I really just wanted to shed some light on what exactly salt therapy is as well as how it has helped me so much in such a short amount of time. If you have any other questions you can always leave me a comment and hopefully I can help answer it!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day and week!

xo Steph

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