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Legs for Days

January 22, 2019

Happy Monday Everyone!


I hope you all are having a great Monday! I know I am, mainly because I had today off 🙂 YAY. With that being said I wanted to get out another fitness blog post to start our week off strong. Last week I wanted to share a great at home leg HIIT with you all and today I have another leg workout except this one involves some weights and equipment so you will need a gym or at least some free weights for this workout.

So before I get into this workout I just want to say that I will be doing more than just leg workouts in the weeks to come. However, I just really wanted to start off these motivational Monday’s with some of my all time favorite workouts, which just so happen to be leg ones. BUT I do promise to get some good full body HIIT workouts as well as weight training. I also plan to start sharing some of my favorite healthy recipes this week so stay tuned to that post coming on Wednesday!

Now for the workout… well almost


As I mentioned before, this workout does involve weights but if you don’t have any you can still do these moves without them but you will definitely get a better workout in with at least some free weights. If you are in the market for some free weights you can always just head to your local Walmart or Target to pick some up. I will even leave the link for some different free weights that you can purchase from these places.

Okay NOW for the workout…

This is a leg workout that is 4 moves. Each move is considered a set and you will complete each set 3-4 times and for 12-15 reps. Everyone’s body is different so that is why I make it that you can do a minimum of 12 but a max of 15 because I like to go until I cant go anymore & I would rather someone be able to do the move correctly and for less sets than to half a$$ it and do more. Down below will be the 4 sets & as always if you don’t know what something is Google is your best friend hehe

First Up: Round The World Lunges 3-4 Sets of 12-15 Reps

I like to put a 40lb barbell on my shoulders when completing this set. You DO NOT have to do that much weight but still try to use some weight. Something is more than nothing!

Complete all 3-4 sets before moving on to the next move.

Next Up: Barbell Straight Leg Deadlifts 3-4 Sets of 12-15 Reps

Again I use about 50-60 pounds when doing these. I also also keep my feet closer together and I keep my legs straight.

Then: Dumbbell Step Up with Kickback 3-4 Sets of 12-15 Reps

While holding dumbbells in each hand, I usually use 10-12lb weights. Focus on one leg at a time. Step up with one foot onto the step in front of you and kick the opposite leg back. You should really feel this working out your glutes. Repeat on the other leg.

Last Up: Front Barbell Sumo Squat 3-4 Sets of 12-15 Reps

I usually use 40lbs for this exercise as well. I rest the barbell across my upper chest and stand my legs and feet in a sumo like position. Then I squat down really squeezing my glutes when I get back to the top.

& thats a wrap!

If you do all these moves correctly I promise you that you will feel the BURN! I did this exercise two days ago and I am still FEElING the burn! Haha

Now get out there and start your week off right 🙂

xo Steph

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