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New Blog Post Ideas…

January 12, 2019


So let me start off by apologizing for my lack of posting this last month. I was really trying to stay consistent but between working, the holidays and just wanting to take some time off from everything, my blogging began to suffer. Along with this I was starting to run dry on new ideas BUT while relaxing in my bubble bath last night (clearly my best ideas generate during this time haha) I came up with a brilliant idea for my new and upcoming blog posts.

This idea sounded great in my head so hopefully it sounds just as great to all of you reading this… haha. But this new idea is to hold myself more accountable for blog posts by setting up a weekly schedule for my blog posts. What I mean is that I plan to have a theme on my page from here on out (or at least until another brilliant idea comes to me during my next bubble bath haha). I really want to start putting out more content for all of you and the only way to actually do that is by giving myself a schedule to follow, cause well, that’s how I work best.

So anyways enough of my babbling and let me actually explain this new blog posting idea. So obviously there are 7 days in a week lol. & obviously I will not be able to get content up every single day but I really want to TRY to at least start getting more than 1-2 posts up a week. That’s where my idea comes into play. I want to start a Monday-Friday blog posting schedule, with a different theme for each day. I will get into what those themes are in just a minute. BUT here is the disclaimer since I am just now coming up with this idea and I do not have any content created whatsoever AND I still work a full time job getting content up Mon-Fri the first few weeks may not actually happen. However, in time it will and at least the content I do put up will go along with the theme.

So now for the fun part… the theme. I figured since my blog is all about Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle my blog posts need to be geared around these three areas, not just fashion like the majority of it has been (sorry bout that peeps). Okay so enough of me beating around their bush… here is the layout of the theme.

From here on out ALMOST all posts on Kale & Kardigans will follow this Mon-Fri theme.


Starting with Monday of course! Every Monday is going to be a “Motivational Monday”. Wether that be fitness workouts I have been enjoying, lifestyle tips I feel help keep myself on track, or just talking about something that is motivational, Mondays will be the time for blog posts that are in those catergories.

Next up is “Trendy Tuesday” & obviously the name says it all. On Tuesdays I will have posts that are all about what outfits are on trend. If there is a holiday coming up or just anything to do with wardrobe ideas like my “Work Wear” post then you will be able to find content like that on Tuesdays!


Now we have Wine down Wednesday… haha just kidding, well not really, but really… BUT on Wednesdays I am going to be focusing more on nutrition and health and with that being said Wednesday’s will be called “Wellness Wednesdays”. On these blogging days you will be able to find posts ranging anywhere from healthy food and smoothie ideas to meal prep and plan strategies! I want to bring my knowledge and background of nutrition to all of you and what better way to do that then on “Wellness Wednesday”!


We’re getting close to the home stretch and if you’re still reading well just know that I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU!

Time for some “Thoughtful Thursday”. Okay truth be told I could not think of a good name for this day but I figured on Thursdays I would share collaboration posts and posts focused more on products and things that I have really been loving. Whether that be lifestyle products, make up and skincare products. Just really like a post of reviews or my “thoughts” on these different products!


&&&& we have made it to Friday Frands!

Last but not least we have “Fashion Find Fridays”. These will be the days that I post ALL ABOUT all the great sales that are going on in the fashion world haha because well there is ALWAYS something on sale! Thought since my main focus is a fashion blog we gotta end the week of blog posts with none other than a fashion post of course! & when it comes to sales who doesn’t want to start their weekend off finding the best deals?! AMIRIGHT??? Haha


Okayyyy so there it is lovely people. The play by play and a little background of my new blog posts schedule. I am super excited to start incorporating this into Kale & Kardigans and I really hope you al enjoy this idea as much as I do! Can’t wait to start creating all the content for this!

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

Enjoy every bit of it and keep and eye out for some new posts starting next week 🙂

xo Steph

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