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How to Beat the Holiday Bloat

November 26, 2018

With Thanksgiving ending and the holiday season in full effect I am sure most of you are feeling the same way I am feeling when it comes to all the holiday goodness. You want to enjoy all the deliciousness there is to offer but you also don’t want to feel like crap or gain unnecessary weight in the process. Luckily there is a lot you can do during this time a year to help combat those annoying things from happening while still enjoying your favorite holiday treats!


I am a hugeeee believer in “everything in moderation”. I have been there and done that when it came to trying to be as healthy as I could be (especially during this time of the year) and it got so bad that I would never even let myself enjoy treats or my favorite meal. & let me tell you doing that FREAKING SUCKED! There is no reason to deprive yourself of the things you love just because you don’t want to gain a few extra pounds. Down below I am going to share some of my favorite tips that help keep me feeling good and on track this time of year so you can still enjoy the deliciousness without regretting it later on!

First things first DRINK WATER and lots of it! Add some lemon or other fruits to it too to help detoxify your body while also giving it some natural flavor. When you’re filling your body with water you will become more full and therefore you will not be tempted to eat as much of the deliciousness laid out in front of you. It is a smart idea to drink a full glass of water (about 16oz) before you indulge in your holiday meal. This is not only good for you but will help you to not overeat. Which we all know is a bit hard to do during the holidays.

Next up is to have food and treats in moderation like I mentioned above. Yeah there are going to be holiday cookies and pasta dishes and cocktails and everything else delicious surrounding you but stay strong fam and don’t give into temptation haha. Okay you can give into temptation but just try to do it in moderation. What I mean is don’t eat the whole tray of cookies have like one or two and don’t go crazy with the serving sizes either. It’s really easy to enjoy the foods you love when you’re being cautious of how much you’re actually putting in to your body.

Next on the list is to make sure you’re getting your nutrients. During this time of year I really try to up the amount of good whole foods and nutrients I am putting into my body. What I mean is since I know I am not going to be eating so well I try really hard to still have other meals that are packed full of nutrients. Have a healthy and nutritious breakfast like a green smoothie or bowl of homemade oatmeal (not the pre packaged kind though cause that has a ton of sugar in it). For lunch enjoy a salad with spinach and quinoa and some fresh fruit and nuts add some chicken for protein too. There are millions of recipes out there to make good food that taste delicious. That way when it comes time to eat that holiday dinner or a few Christmas cookies your body is not going to feel as crappy because you’ve been filling it with so many NUTRIENTS and HEALTHY foods!

My last tip and definitely my favorite thing you can do during this time of year is to WORKOUT! I 10/10 recommended that working out this time of year will help you to not only not gain the unnecessary weight but it will also help you get into the swing of things before the New Year hits and everyone and their mother starts working out. Why wait till the new year when you can start now. & you don’t even need a gym either! You can get just as good of a workout in the comfort of your home than in a packed gym. Pull up YouTube and search for home workouts and tons of videos will pop up from beginner workouts to advanced. There really is no excuse nowadays when it comes to working out!

Those are some of my top tips to help keep you on track and feeling good during the holiday season. I know it can be really tough (believe me it’s hard for me too). But it is so worth it to be able to enjoy everything this season has to offer without the guilt or regret.

Also make sure to stay tuned for some healthy recipes like my favorite green smoothie, delicious quinoa bowls and many more to come to the blog in the near future. I also plan on sharing some of my favorite “at home” workouts that use little to no equipment too!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season ❤️

xo Steph

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