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Top 4 Pre Black Friday Sales

November 19, 2018

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly approaching many stores have already begun their big sales of the season. Just this past weekend stores like Loft and Express started having “Pre Black Friday” sales. & these sales are quite amazing (I am talking 50% off kind of amazing) haha. Any who, down below I have rounded up my top 4 stores that are currently running these specials and my top 10 items at each store!

Enjoy xx

First store up is one of my all time favorites and that would be Nordstrom. Nordstrom has been running their sale for a few weeks now and some items are either already sold out or are selling out quickly but the items below are some of my favorites. I either already have them or have my eyes set on getting hehe. Also most of the items I am linking are still in stock or have most sizes in stock.

Second on the list is another one of my favorite places to shop at, Loft. Loft is running a great pre black friday sale. Your entire purchase is 40% off for non card holders and if you are a card holder then you get 50% off your entire purchase. Win win if you ask me! Not to mention they have some adorable new arrivals at the moment.

Third up is Express and boy oh boy do I love me a good sale at Express. Right now EVERYTHING and I mean everything is 40% off! Express is killing it in the sweater game this season and I have definitely been stocking up on them (even though it will only be cold for like a few hours in Florida this year…) but what can I say I do love me a good sweater. Especially when it is on MAJOR sale!

Last on the list but definitely still a favorite lately, is good ole Abercrombie. If you would’ve asked me 10 years ago (when I worked there) if I would still be wearing Abercrombie now, I probably would’ve just laughed because lets be real back then Abercrombie was marketed to High School preppy girls (sorry for stereotyping, but its true). However, Abercrombie has without a doubt stepped its game up and they have styles that are quite comparable to many of the retailers I have listed above. This is why they have made the list, & with most of their site being 50% off you really can’t beat not giving them a look!

xo Steph

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