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Rocksbox: Everything you need to know

November 8, 2018


I have been a huge fan of Rocksbox ever since I discovered them about a year or so ago. So of course when they reached out to me to join their influencer program I was over the moon with excitement! & I felt it only necessary to share all there is to know about Rocksbox with all of you!

Rocksbox is an online jewelry subscription company that lets you try new and stylish designer jewelry without having to fully commit to the jewelry. Every month you pay a flat rate membership fee of $21 (shipping is free too) and with that Rocksbox will send you 3 handpicked, high quality pieces of jewelry curated to your style.


When you first sign up with Rocksbox they have you fill out a quick yet detailed profile all about what you like when it comes to jewelry. They have questions from what type of jewelry you wear more often to the style of jewelry you prefer (modern, edgy, etc). Once you have filled out your style profile you will get a chance to choose from their long list of gorgeous jewelry for your wishlist. It is a great idea to put pieces you like in your wishlist because Rocksbox will actually choose jewelry that is available from that list for you!


Once your stylist has chosen your set you will receive an email letting you know that your set is ready to view. What this means is that you can actually see what pieces have been picked for you and you are able to swap any of the pieces with any other jewelry that is available. I personally love this feature about Rocksbox!

Now that you’ve decided what pieces you want sent, you will confirm your swaps and wait for them to get shipped to you. Then the fun really begins, getting your set in the mail! I get so excited when I see the cute little box tied up with a bow. It is like Christmas came early.


Now that you have received your pieces you can wear them as little or as much as you want. When you are ready for some new pieces all you have to do is send back your current set in the same box and bag with the prepaid shipping label. Once Rocksbox has received confirmation that your set has been sent back your stylist will start selecting styles for your next box. & the process continues. It’s as easy as that!


So I am sure you still have some questions like “How often can you get new sets?” and “Are you able to buy any of the pieces sent to you?”. When it comes to new sets you can send back and get new sets AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! Yes you read that right. You can send back your sets and get new ones as many times as you want in a month and it will still only cost you $21. SO AMAZING! Now if you really love a piece that is sent to you, you are able to purchase it. The best part about this is not only will you get that piece or pieces of jewelry for a discounted price but you also can use your $21 credit towards it too. WIN WIN if ya ask me!!

Oh and one last thing, if for some reason a piece of jewelry gets damaged or lost in the process, Rocksbox is extremely forgiving and will understand. This is fully covered in your membership fee and there will be information regarding what to do in case this happens when you receive your set.


Other than everything mentioned above, that is all there is to it. So if you have been looking into trying Rocksbox out and wanted more information about the subscription service I hope this helped.

If you’d like to try Rocksbox jewelry after reading my post you can sign up for the service here and if you use my code: “kaleandkardigansxoxo” at checkout you can get your first month for FREE!

Enjoy loves,

xo Steph



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