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Staying Healthy in the Fall

September 5, 2018


That time of year is getting near where the weather gets a bit chillier, the clothes get a little more loose and that sweet tooth goes crazy with all the treats surrounding us. Believe me I get it, it is freaking hard to stay healthy in the Fall and Winter. We are surrounded by deliciousness and the gloomy cold weather makes laying in bed sound a whole lot better than going to the gym. & I know it seems insane that we go all Spring and Summer getting our health and fitness on only to have it ruined the minute Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas approach. But YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THAT THIS YEAR!! Listen my friends, it is very important to live a healthy lifestyle but that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of the amazing things surrounding us (especially during this time of the year). At the same time that also doesn’t mean you have to go CRAY CRAY and eat everything in sight 24/7… it’s all about BALANCE!

No matter what time of the year, I try my best to live a balanced lifestyle around food and fitness. However, in the Fall and Winter months it gets much harder to maintain that balance. With all the holidays, vacation time and food that comes with those days it can be really freaking hard to stay on track. So here are a few tips I like to use to help keep me “as healthy as I can be” during these upcoming months.

Tip #1 – Try your best to set a schedule for the gym. It doesn’t have to be everyday or even 5 days a week. As long as you try to commit to 2-4 days of at least an hour of physical activity then anything is better than nothing!

Tip #2 – If you know that you’re going to be eating like absolute crap (but delicious crap none the less) one day, try to prepare for it. What I mean by that is make sure to get your nutrients in prior to that day and especially after. I love love love to have green juices and smoothies as breakfast or a snack throughout the day. Along with this I try to have lots of superfoods (chia seeds, goji berries, hemp hearts, etc). These will do wonders for your digestive system! Especially when you’re having those indulging days.

Tip #3 – Kind of following with tip #2. You can always try a detox or cleanse after you’ve had a few days of not such great eating. Just to give your body a reboot! There are plenty of cleanses you can try out that are online. I personally enjoy juice cleanses and  I have found plenty of amazing beginner cleanses you can try out online!

Tip #4 – DRINK YOUR WATER! I can’t stress that enough. This will do wonders for your body, especially when you’re feeding it copious amounts of sugar and salt. Also water will help you stay fuller longer so hopefully you don’t over eat too.

& last but not least…

Tip #5 – Enjoy yourself! Stress is terrible for our bodies to begin with and this time of year can start to get very stressful so try your best not to stress and to enjoy the wonderful world around you. Moderation is KEY 🔑 and so is relaxing and enjoying life’s sweet moments!

Hopefully these tips help you with sticking to your healthy and fit lifestyle this Fall and Winter season that is quickly approaching. Feel free to message me any questions you may have or if you want more advice. I am currently going to school to become a health coach so this is my jam haha. I also just LOVE helping people so seriously dont be afraid to send me a message about ANYTHING health and fitness related!

xo Steph



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