July Favorites

818038F7-C4F8-43D9-9938-8059836CE110.jpegHi all and happy August! Can you even believe it is already August?! Honestly I don’t even know where July went… but I did decide that this would be a great time to start a monthly favorites. I have seen a lot of bloggers do this and I thought it would be a great idea to easily share items and things that I have recently been LOVING! So we shall see how this one goes. I will be sharing a little bit about each item that I am loving and why. Hopefully you guys like it and if you do please let me know and also feel free to let me know if there is something you want to try or have been using and love also!

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Amazon Prime Day (what it is & all the goods to shop)


Starting to think that July might be my favorite month just because of all the amazing sales that happen during it… haha no but really as I am writing this I just finished up a post about the Nordstrom anniversary sale and now I get to share everything there is to know about Amazon’s big sale day. Amazon Prime Day!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Hi guys! Welcome back if you have been following along with the anniversary sale & if you have not well just welcome to it. The day has finally come where you can actually shop the sale in-stores & online if you’re a card holder! With that being said I have been doing all the shopping I can do since Wednesday. That way I can bring you all the best things I could find from the Nsale. I will say I definitely did not go over board (even though I went to two different Nordstrom locations & shopped online) but I did get some really great staple pieces & shoes that I can wear multiple times this year! Below I am sharing exactly how I styled my favorite pieces from the sale & I will have links to everything I am wearing in each photo. I will also be leaving some more sale items below my try-on of pieces. These are things I either ordered online or are “wish list” type items that I would love to have but I just do not need to spend my money on right now.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : Everything You Need To Know


Hi lovelies! I am super excited to share this post today because it is the most wonderful time of the year! Well the second most wonderful time of the year because it basically feels like Christmas & it also happens to be in July 😉 it’s the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!!!! For those of you who are not familiar with the sale, it is first and foremost one of my FAVORITE sales to shop. I wait all year long for this amazing sale and I get so excited when we enter July because I know that means the sale is right around the corner.

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Summer Dress Finds On Amazon



Hi all! So I am super obsessed with todays post mainly because I have hit the summer dress jackpot on Amazon. I know other bloggers have been raving about dresses and other clothes on Amazon but I was a bit skeptical because I have had my fair share of disappointments with certain clothes from Amazon. But oh no no not with these adorable pieces I am about to share. These dresses are SOOO FREAKING GOOD and I have been so excited to share these pieces with all of you!

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4th of July Outfit Ideas

851C730C-8D2D-4AF3-8360-04D8B9D7C70A6F4CD086-5DCC-4D23-89AC-C93BBCF46D76F2192E62-99BD-4502-96A5-DE2AED3B30068AB176D5-03F3-4032-B351-E3C1A0FF4B89F7470CF3-A0E1-4061-B9D6-67BAB14F55684FCF16F7-6256-48F8-BD71-854C1759B104Can you believe it is almost the 4th of July??? How are the months just flying by?! Anyways although I still can’t believe how quickly time is passing one thing is for sure the 4th of July is right around the corner. I figured I am not the only one who contemplates what to wear for the 4th of July. There are so many different things one can do while celebrating America’s Independence. Pool day, beach day, bbq… and so on. So I thought I would put together a bunch of outfit ideas that are perfect for the Fourth no matter what your festivities may be!

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LTK Day – How/What To Shop

CCF9CDC5-69D0-4644-ACA3-B7B0BC71D316.jpegHey loves! As many of you may or may not already know Sunday, June 23rd (which is only a few days away) is going to be a HUGE day for liketoknow.it! They are going to be having their very own LTK day where certain retailers will be having special sales and discounts that are only available through the liketoknow.it app. So retailers like Abercrombie, Urban Outfitters and many more are going to have sales site wide but you will ONLY be able to get these discounts by shopping through the app. With that being said, if you are someone who loves a good sale then you NEED to get the FREE liketoknow.it app ASAP and start following influencers who are posting for the sale (like myself) so that you can shop through their linked outfits. I know it can be a bit confusing if you are completely new to liketoknow.it but if you need more information or some help with the app feel free to leave me a comment below or even reach out to me on my Instagram (kaleandkardigans). I will also leave a link with some more information about the sale to help with any confusion.

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Amazon Bikini Haul

62B3057F-8B31-4BD2-9D4F-892BB9DA1A63I have always been a HUGE fan if everything Amazon & now I am even more of a fan when it comes to their clothes and bikinis! Seriously though Amazon has stepped up their game in the fashion department and I am not mad about it one bit. I have found some adorable and affordable bikinis that are actually pretty decent quality for the price. & with summer right around the corner it is definitely time to stock up on some bikinis and coverups. So I decided to get a few bikinis and coverups from Amazon to share with all of you in this post. I also plan to link everything I am wearing as well as other bikinis I LOVE from Amazon but I just have not purchased.. yet haha.

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